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Dear company/organization manager:

While I will readily assist your company in reaching more qualified potential customers, I also bring extensive skill and knowledge in streamlining your marketing management and overall promotional cost structure.

WebSuite will effectively help you “Market More and Spend Less!”

As a showing of integrity and good intentions toward the best results for your business, I would like to propose the following consideration which you may apply, whether you hire WebSuite SEO for your project or not.

Why would you hire a full time costly professional position in search engine optimization and social media management, which may cost your business or organization $80,000, $100,000 or 200,000 +?…  when you could simply hire WebSuite SEO to do it all for you efficiently and at a fraction of the annual cost?

And it doesn’t stop there; once we have established your foundation of top Google rankings for your keywords, a solid social media presence, and an ongoing digital marketing program, you or your employees can maintain and continue the project.

Our goal is to get you on the high line path and then let you go; in a good way of course!

We’ll always be here if you need us, but this is our promise to give you our great value and then allow you to go on without our cost or those nasty and somewhat unreliable advertising costs. Customers will automatically funnel to your business because you will have and hold the top position in Google – right where they are looking for you!

That my friend is sound FREE advice…and this is good for any size company or even a small independent contractor.

Consider this; you and your current key employees are already familiar with your organization’s corporate culture, they are familiar with your staff and can work fluidly to integrate the key tools, which I will teach them.  This key person is also likely earning a salary much less than the starting average for a professional digital strategist or staff search marketing expert.

My goal is to bring this all together into an easily digestible action plan; including a substantial war-chest of digital tools and techniques that have yet to be taught in colleges and universities across the country. This will empower your key marketing employee(s), so that they may implement and maintain your digital strategy plan for the next generation of success in your business – thus, the total annual cost of a full time digital strategist can be eliminated.

If you hire on a high dollar full time digital marketing employee, you are stuck with that line item expense throughout the year.  With a digital media strategy consultant, the heavy lifting is done in a short period of time, usually 6-12 months, and then your promotions project is implemented and set into motion.

But considering that after the launch phase most of the work for most small to medium size businesses is more administrative and maintenance.  Once the bold creativity and digital marketing plan has been set into motion, your cash resources would be more efficiently utilized by having a current employee monitor your online marketing program, which I will gladly discuss and demonstrate.  A major cost inefficiency may be effectively solved by hiring WebSuite SEO as a consultant.  That literally is some very valuable advice, which has now been given to you for free.

Our expert SEO consultant will analyze your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and competitive threats, perform the launch, and establish the flywheel effect for your company’s PR endeavors.  Then, you may keep them in the loop as a more cost effective consultant, rather than a full-time employee whose key skills have been front loaded onto the relationship.

Whenever new techniques, strategies, or updates come into play, the digital strategy consultant will update your key employee via e-mail or schedule a meeting or conference.  It truly is a win-win scenario and your company will save thousands of dollars over hiring a full time position.

If you’d like to discuss this further and explore your options, please give me a call for a complimentary discovery session!

To begin, please visit the WebSuite SEO discovery page!

Respectfully yours,

Eric James

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