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Local Bozeman SEO Epidemic Of Mass Proportions…

Don't worry your website probably hasn't been hacked and it probably doesn’t have a virus, but there is something equally as devastating going on that many businesses are basically ignoring, and it is hurting your bottom line.

Hello & Welcome To This Bozeman SEO Page!

Yes indeed my friend, there is a local business website epidemic of mass proportions. It has to do with the important factor of how you present your business to your local community. If you have not invested in a high-quality website, which is the number one touch point for new customers and existing customers alike, you are completely missing the game and you've been afflicted.

Hello, this is Eric at WebSuite Media and I'm here today to talk to you about mobile web design 2018. I have been a website designer and developer involved in online digital marketing for 20 years.

Solving your company’s needs:

I have created thousands of web pages over the years ranging from artist portfolios to Zen healing studios. I’ve helped launch entities ranging from mom and pop firewood companies to multi-million dollar financial corporations and today I find my niche in helping localized small to medium size service type businesses.

I encourage anyone who would like a deep perspective on their marketing program to connect with me. My experience in commercial banking is an asset to your business when you need someone with real-world business experience, intuition and problem-solving. As a commercial business advisor, I needed to mentor companies in all facets of the business operation, not just marketing.

Too many web design and marketing companies know only that, marketing. But they don’t have a well-rounded grasp on entities as a whole. A true marketing firm will know what it takes to put together the 3 M’s of a true operation - Marketing, Manufacturing and Management - or understand EBITDA.

If you work with a marketing firm who really “gets it” you have a much better chance of them understanding what your company is about and thus creating the right message to your exact audience. Basically, you have a much better chance to solve your problem of getting more customers and creating a more efficient revenue stream.

Evolution as an artist:

As a professional commercial photographer in the early 90s, I was forced to get into having a website and web design for survival in the evolution of an industry(like most of us I guess). I needed a way to stay up-to-date with the art directors and advertising agencies for showing and negotiating my photography business.

While still a photographer and videographer, primarily focusing in digital online marketing, I have put my skills of website design, graphic design, and digital media marketing at the forefront,  which is why I am speaking to you today.

“My friend if you ignore this, you’re completely missing the fact that mobile digital media marketing is the number one most cost-effective way to get new quality customers to your business in 2018 and beyond.” - Eric Schultz, WebSuite Media

You don't need some fancy chart, graph, or special study to realize what is right in front of our eyes. Everywhere you look...almost everyone is staring at a mobile phone any chance they get during leisure time, but more importantly as the highlight of our issues today, they are going directly to the mobile device and searching for businesses when they have a pain, need or desire.

Are you going to be at the top when they go looking?


Can·on1 ˈkanən/ noun 1.a general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged.


  • Make sure you have a mobile-optimized website "responsive design" so it shows up VERY WELL on a mobile device.
  • Have a specific "bridge page" or at least a headline that is a call to action and gives people a chance to immediately contact you. Click-to-call button or icon is best.
  • Always use excellent images & artwork on your site or get some fitting stock imagery (free at or Remember, you get what you pay for. WebSuite Media subscribes to Adobe Stock for the benefit of our clients.
  • Make a special offer and incentivize people to sign up to your email list. Getting new customers today is reliant on a complete marketing funnel. It can take up to 7 points of contact to convert cold leads into customers. Give them every opportunity to enter into your tribe and get to know you!
  • Make sure you have verified and optimized your local Google Business listing so you show up high in the local search results for several "long tail" keywords. Pay special attention to the ones your competition has ignored. If you haven't gotten your Google Business postcard and verification PIN number, you haven't done this yet.(Very Important)
  • Optimize Your business Facebook page to match your Google Business listing, verify your business page and install the Facebook retargeting pixel into your website code.
  • Be sure to register your business in the top local directory sites with your exact NAP (name address and phone) as your Google Business listing.
  • Make a video or slideshow of some interesting aspect of your business and put it on YouTube.
  • Post regularly with helpful hints or fun topics about your business or community on Facebook and Instagram. Pro Tip: To automate this, write a blog post on your website at least 2 times a week and use IFTTT(Google It) to auto-post on your Facebook and Instagram.
  • If this all sounds like a lot of work and expertise - it is! Make it easy and call WebSuite Media today. Let's just talk, no cheesy sales pitch, only practical solutions. 844-932-7848

In just a moment, we are going to take the deep dive into the 10 CANONS where I will go into detail about each of the points addressed above.

But first I think we need to make sure we are on the same page; you see, I don’t work with every business or just let every customer into the training...

If You Decide To Take Our DIY Course, Great!!! (We’ll Be Here For You)

But If You Have Made The Excellent Choice Of Hiring WebSuite Media To Set Up Your Local Digital Marketing Campaign, Then Here Is My Promise To You:

I will invest time in making sure we are a good fit. If I can’t help you in a substantial way, then it is likely we won’t work together. But I promise, if you ask me to; I’ll take a good quantitative look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats(SWOT) of our potential alliance and I will be fair and honest about how we might proceed. Sound fair?

Plus, my analysis is not a sales pitch in disguise. I will earnestly analyze the marketplace and give you a complete proposal. Then, if there's any chance what I show you doesn't completely get you excited, you can keep and even use the valuable information I provide and well part ways; no hard feelings.

At this point, I think we both realize that you are trying to run a business. I am also trying to run a business and my business is all about helping you get more business. I am also about attention to detail and giving you the best and most valuable experience you can get from a local website design and marketing company.

Here at WebSuite Media, we aren't out to take on the most clients; we are here to get the most valuable clients. Valuable clients to us are ones who really care about their business and the people who are visiting it online.

If you want to grow your business efficiently, cost-effectively and have it all done with confidence and knowledge that it's being done right; WebSuite Media is a clear choice.

One More Quick Note Before We Jump Into The “10 Canons” Details.

Up next is the “10 Canons” deep dive. Please note, this is primarily a text document in order for you to focus and get your head around the concepts.

You can take this information and run with it. But to get the most effective results on your DIY quest for marketing domination, I encourage you to at least get our FREE Course option or monthly plan. Each Canon and MORE will be covered in detail in the course videos and any necessary links, documentation and illustration.




You must have a high-quality Responsive Web Design for 2018.

As I have mentioned, it is clearly obvious that people are looking for local businesses on the mobile device. If they search for your business or happen to find you at the top of Google, which is unlikely because Google doesn't rank non-mobile optimized websites very well at all, and they click over to your website but can't see or read a thing, they are immediately going to bounce back and check out your competition.

The fact for more local businesses than willing to admit is many of them do not provide an excellent user experience when someone visits via a mobile device. Too many cheap website design companies have convinced these businesses to go with a rudimentary solution, but in all actuality it only tells your customers that you are too inconsiderate to invest into a quality UX (User Experience) design.

Hey, there’s a reason banks, attorneys, fine dining restaurants and most professional services have very nice lavish establishments; it shows a sign of respect, credibility and trust. Why wouldn’t every self respecting business owner at least do the same for their business when it comes to a quality website?

The website is a first point of contact, let’s try to get it right folks!

Alternatively, you could opt to make your own website on one of those package programs, but my friend you are on your own until you actually need help. If you think it's going to be free to get high-level support; think again.

The whole idea is to get you in the door and then charge you higher than average rates to do the little things once you've been ensnared into their trap. To put it simply, visit one of these sites and see if you can easily find a phone number to call for technical support. Oops, it’s not even much for local customer service.

Plus, you won’t get many of the necessary items you really need to do well in the local search results. Custom on page and site wide SEO, facebook pixel integration, Google search console set-up, Google Analytics set-up, Google Business Set-up, and more.

You can call WebSuite Media, we do all that and more! 844.932.7848

Check this out straight from Google:

“The desktop version of a site might be difficult to view and use on a mobile device. The version that's not mobile-friendly requires the user to pinch or zoom in order to read the content. Users find this a frustrating experience and are likely to abandon the site. Alternatively, the mobile-friendly version is readable and immediately usable.”

“In the USA, 94% of people with smartphones search for local information on their phones. Interestingly, 77% of mobile searches occur at home or at work, places where desktop computers are likely to be present.”

“Mobile is critical to your business and will continue to be so – whether you’re blogging about your favorite sports team, working on the website for your community theater, or selling products to potential clients. Make sure visitors can have a good experience on your site when they’re visiting from their mobile devices!”

bozeman seo


Every good local business website needs to have a clear call to action and easily accessible method of contact - primarily a “click to call” link or button.

When customers visit your website from a mobile device, it is typically a bit different than when they are browsing on a desktop. It has been found generally that people using a mobile device to search on the internet have a specific need, pain point, or interest that they need to solve. What this means is they will not spend as much time browsing around, they are going to seek out the shortest path to get the answers or the connection they desire.

For a local business, the most important thing to do here is have a clear and concise page layout that is easy to read, has compelling imagery optimized for fast page loading, and an obvious call to action with a link or button to contact the business.

If a potential customer has to pinch or scroll too far, it is just as easy for them to hit the back button and find a website that is literally like a red carpet, inviting them to see, understand and easily contact the business. If you have not paid attention thus far and/ or you have missed this in the past and your website development, today is the day to make the change and grant yourself and your prospective clients respect and courtesy that will be to the benefit of all.



As I mentioned in the prior section, you must have good imagery. If you don’t have good photography or can’t afford a photographer, then stock works excellent.

TIP: Ask around, there is usually an aspiring photographer within your circle and they likely have a pretty good camera. Have them do some shots for their portfolio at little or no cost. Having been a budding photographer thirty-some years ago, I loved having projects “with a purpose” to practice on; and then I started to get published.

Any web designer worth their salt should be able to do a quality Photoshop job on your imagery whether it is new or existing in order to make it really pop and look enticing on the mobile website. Now it is fair that they might charge a bit more for this, but it is very worthwhile.

If you hire a web design company like WebSuite, you will get the advantage of an in-house professional photographer. Again, there is an additional cost to this, but it is usually a lot less than hiring a commercial photographer outright. Even if we are too far away geographically to do an onsite shoot, we do have 20 years experience with Photoshop, which adds in two ways; we can do photoshop and we do it faster than most. You might also be amazed at what we can do with your old imagery or images you take with your smartphone and email or upload to us.

Mobile web design photography and artwork need to be bold and clear on the smaller digital canvas. It must also have photo files which have been properly compressed so that they load quickly on to the user's device. Google has stated that they don't exactly boost websites with fast load speeds, but they do penalize sites that are slow. Again, the ultimate goal is to provide the best user experience; and we all know that everyone wants everything as soon as yesterday.

“Mobile pages that provide a poor searcher experience can be demoted in rankings or displayed with a warning in mobile search results.”  - Google

Would you like some excellent quality free photography to use in any of your promotional campaigns or your website? Check out these two awesome websites: and

Note: The images from the sites above are high resolution and you will still need to do some sort of image file compression and cropping or editing. But also a good web designer can do that for you with ease.

WebSuite Media subscribes to Adobe Stock for the benefit of its clients.



Lead retention is one of the most important factors for turning prospective customers into clients. If you run a professional service or a retail business you would like to have people return to on a regular basis, then you need a lead retention program in place.

Typically this consists of having an email autoresponder program in place. There are several programs out there, notably: Aweber, Mailchimp, Market Hero or Constant Contact.

A good web designer is not only someone who is able to create a website and quality mobile website, today they need to be the entire digital marketing package. This is by no means any small feat, but it is the core around which quality lead generation is built.

Website design, in general, relies on the mental scope and capacity to see the entire marketing funnel for any specific niche of the marketplace.

A quality web designer as marketer invests time and intelligence in analyzing and understanding your marketplace. After this, they may then begin by preparing to get attention through organic search engine results, social media marketing, strategic advertising and a quality referral or word of mouth program.

Good web design in 2018 and beyond is not just web design; it is the conceptualization and implementation of the complete Marketing Funnel.

If you really want more customers, you need the entire machine!

Typically a good funnel consists of the following acronym:


Get The Prospect’s ATTENTION

Garner INTEREST In Your Offer With Clear Words And Imagery

Develop A DESIRE For Your Product By Sharing Your Why And Having A Clear Unique Offer Which Also Offers Proof You Or Your Product Can Do The Job.

Have A Clear Call To ACTION & Simple Means By Which They Can Engage To Solve Their Problem.




SEO is the best because it puts your brand in front of the people who have had the inclination to actively seek the solutions you provide. We match purchase intent with your perfect solution.

Organic traffic via proper SEO is the Holy Grail of online marketing. It is not easy to achieve the top rankings and there is no special snake oil to get you there and keep you there. It takes strong content, patience and just the right mix of social proof...but once you arrive, you thrive!

While there might be some quick tricks; to really stake your claim, you’ll need a solid content management program on top of technical scrutiny and careful construction to be a major contender in the online game.

The beautiful thing about being at the top of the Google mountain; the traffic is a wellspring of natural abundance once you reach the first page. Now I admit, it is not all about Google, but let's be honest, it is the elephant in the room.  

Yes, there are many other traffic sources, including the behemoth known as Facebook, but to win the Google game gives you the advantage of having the bigger slice of the digital marketing pie when it comes to free organic traffic.

Google has laid out all the tools and information for you to rank your local business at the top of the food chain in your niche. All you have to do is use the tools and follow the rules.

The most important thing you can do to get started with a good quality Bozeman SEO campaign is optimizing your Google Business listing and Google Maps. You also need to verify your business by getting the physical postcard in the mail and registering your PIN number. This is no joke, you must do this as soon as possible.

If you have had your website done by an outside company and Google Business has not been completed, you have been let down. Choose a company that is going to take care of these important factors. Choose a company that really gives a damn and will cross the t's and dot the i’s!

Lastly, we need to talk about a huge part of the SEO equation called Google Search Console. If your company hasn't been properly registered and established with Google search console and Google Analytics, then you have been let down.

Go with the company that knows these things and really gives a damn about what they're doing for you. If you are suffering from the shortcuts of your prior web design company or if you have done it yourself, please take no offense. But I highly encourage you to take action and hire a professional...

Do you practice your own law? Do you do your own accounting? Do you pull your own teeth, put stitches in your own kids, fix your own heater or repair your own plumbing?

If you don’t take this seriously, there is probably a very good reason why you are over there where they hide the bodies on page 2 and beyond...I know, crude analogy, but I am dead serious about!

And guess what’s worse…?

You spend 5-10 times more money trying to get customers than if you just did all this digital marketing stuff right in the first place...It might sound harsh, but sometimes it takes some tough love to help you get on the right track and start growing your business and finding the happiness and fulfillment you desire and deserve from it. Let’s Go!



All right my friend, I have mentioned it earlier and this might be the best part of the whole article to you.

Outside of organic SEO, Facebook is the play of the decade…

Facebook is here to stay in a big way. Commandment number 6 says to optimize your Facebook business page, verify your business page,  and add the tracking pixel to your website's HTML code.

We all know that everybody's looking at their phone and about 20% of that time is spent on Facebook.

In a recent Facebook advertising seminar the speaker verified that Facebook owns 1 out of every 5 hours people spend on the mobile device.

Put simply, your business needs to be highly active and visible on Facebook and that includes Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising is the highest return on investment you could give to yourself if you want to stay in the business game for any part of the foreseeable future.

I could write a whole book on the state of Facebook advertising and social media marketing. But just know this there are companies spending millions of dollars a month on Facebook advertising. If you think Facebook is a kids game, think again my friend.

Facebook is utilized by anyone from page 18 to 65 + years old and it has topped 2 billion users worldwide. The coolest part is you can get your business in front of people for sometimes less than 1 penny per view.

Earlier I talked about the marketing machine. Well not only are we going to build you a top-notch machine, but Facebook is going to be the turbocharger to put the whole thing into the stratosphere.

The advantage you have right now if you take action, is that most of the people in your niche don't have a clue about what's going on around them. Whoever jumps on this first is going to knock them out before they even figure out what the hell has happened.

Note: More coming soon on this and Instagram and Influencers. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.



Good mobile web design is all about local in the context of this article. It is all about good, solid local marketing in the digital age. Another one of the best ways to get attention to your business and credibility with the search engines and your potential customers is to show up in the local directory websites.

These sites consist of, but are not limited to; Yelp, Yellow Pages, Chamber of Commerce, Foursquare, Angie’s List, hyperlocal directories, and much more.

Your quality web design company will be able to recognize these and get your mobile website registered properly within their pages. This helps particularly well in getting your business to rank well in the Bozeman area Google 3 pack, maps and other search engines.

Again, good web design integrates a high quality well-rounded marketing strategy. Don’t waste this opportunity to tune it up for 2018 and quit wasting money on newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Amplify your reach to where your customers and prospects are really spending their time.



The second largest search engine in the world is YouTube. Just as if people are watching their phone to look at Facebook, they are also spending thousands of hours watching YouTube.

On the local level, you can get your message in front of thousands of people for a fraction of the cost of traditional local advertising methods.

Don’t be afraid or intimidated by video. It is actually not as far out of reach as you may think. Even if you don’t want to personally appear in the videos, a high quality respectable presentation can be made with powerpoint slides and photography.

A good web designer knows this and if it isn’t part of the discussion in your Bozeman SEO marketing strategy, well then, you’re being let down again.

YouTube videos not only rank like normal SEO on YouTube, but they can often rank in the normal Google organic results as well. From a mobile standpoint, this is where you can get the ATTENTION (A.I.D.A.) and bring people over to your mobile website, get them to take you up on a special discount or event offering and draw them into your marketing funnel.

For Facebook, some of the best response and return on investment comes from video. We all know video is the most engaging medium, so you better believe it will work to get you more leads and real customers.

The biggest advantage in this arena comes from long tail keywords. Sure, a lot of companies realize they need to get ranked for their specific keyword. But there are hundreds of other keyword combinations that also get organic traffic every day.

YouTube videos, when done properly can easily rank for these keywords because there is very low competition; it’s called “low hanging fruit” and it can be yours.

These terms may only get about 5 searches per day, but it is still real people who have a real need and if you multiply that by 10 varieties of the keyword terms, you get a crack at over 50 more people per day and maybe up to 1500 per month...HELLO!

Or what if you could spend $5 per day and wave your flag in front of thousands of people in your local area right where they are looking...on their mobile devices. Remember 1 out of every 5 hours is spent on Facebook!

You’d be surprised at how many people have never even thought of this, including your website designer; let alone understand and have the ability to implement it.

But to be true to the point of the article, none of it is going to do any good if they go to a website that is unusable and unreadable. Even if you do already have a fairly good responsive website, you might do well to take a hard look at these opportunities sitting right at your fingertips; literally.



Social media engagement and social signals for SEO is extremely important for getting low cost or even free traffic to your website. Most social media is happening on the mobile devices on sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and of course their related mobile optimized websites in the form of blog posts.

Social media marketing is where you have the opportunity to get the most attention in a short period of time and even the possibility of posts going viral, which can lead to a windfall of opportunity from a well planned and consistent regiment.

Another well established yet little-known opportunity, especially among the brick and mortar crowd, is the effect of social media influencer marketing.

Social media influencer marketing is the practice of sponsored(paid) posts by well recognized social media celebrities. But these celebrities don’t have to be the traditional Hollywood or rockstar stereotype; they can be regular people around your town who happen to have a fairly large following because of their interesting and outgoing content.

Local influencers might have 5-10-20+ thousand followers from around your area, and usually, they are getting some fairly good engagement with their audience. An example of this might be a local nutrition store who sponsors a post from a high profile local fitness model telling followers about how much he/she loves their supplements.

We all know that people tend to be more responsive to a personal referral. After all, you now have someone else who has the trust of their audience endorsing your place or product. If they have 10,000 followers and 1,000 of them pay attention and only 100 come into your store and spend $20...that is a $2000 payday off a sponsored post that may have only cost about $30.

Try that with the local newspaper or’d be lucky to get a 1” classified and the TV studio won’t even let you in the door for 30 bucks.

Another final PRO tip on social media and making it easier by automation is to regularly post to your blog. The reality is, not too many people in the brick and mortar scene are posting a regular blog. With a little guidance from your website developer marketing consultant, you can set up a steady flow of blog articles that are interesting and engaging to your local audience.

Just in case you aren't familiar with What a Blog is, a Blog is simply a web blog, which is a regular post to your website that has a very good effect on search engine optimization and when done right can reach a very broad audience. You also don't need to write specifically about your business niche. In general people in the local area are interested in what is going on and often sometimes those in the trenches, the locals, can come up with more interesting and realistic writings than the local newspaper. Imagine if you could build an audience with equal or more reach than a local newspaper advertisement. What a value!

It is well known that Google loves to see regularly updated content on websites. That is why you'll often see at the top of the search engine results, not a particular website, but a subpage within that website which is typically a blog-post or news.

A steady schedule of two to three posts per week could easily outperform any of your competitors in the local area. But then to power it all up we can syndicate it out automatically to your social media profiles. There is an amazing web tool called IFTTT, which stands for If This Then That.

What happens is you can set-up your blog’s RSS. RSS, as reported by Wikipedia originally stood for Rich Site Summary. Later it became known more practically as Real Simple Syndication and I like to think of it as Really Super Social!

PRO TIP: You can link your RSS to your social media profiles via the IFTTT application and whenever you post to your blog, it automatically shoots out to your connected social properties. Thus, you syndicate your message and have an even greater chance of people seeing your business and staying top of mind whenever they or a friend could use your help or products. Amazing right!?!

By now you might think all of this is pretty amazing. Well, I sure hope you do. the reason why is that it is amazing, and it goes beyond good mobile web design. a website is just a fraction of the entire digital marketing landscape.

As a professional digital marketing consultant, I am here to help you understand all of this and hopefully, I have done a fair job at pulling back the curtain on something that I think many web designers have missed. Web design as a practice where it doesn't take too much just to get by. But just getting by is shirking the responsibility to the business owners who are paying good money in expectation of getting real customers.

I have made up a bit of a crude aphorism; “If a website falls in the woods, is anybody going to even know it was there?”

Just because you make a website doesn't mean customers are going to come to it or anyone is even going to see it.

Too many lackadaisical web designers have taken good money from good business people only to fulfill a minor fraction of the job at hand. Here at WebSuite, good SEO is baked in right from the beginning.

Google has made it clear, right along with all the other search engines; you will not be seen if you don't put effort into acting like you want to be seen. Maybe from 2005 to 2010 you might have gotten away with it.

Today the game is real, it is fierce, and the payoff to the person who really gives a damn about what they're doing in the digital marketing world is going to reap the windfall benefits into the near future and Beyond.



So who is this for and what do we do next?

First, this is for any business who knows their website and digital marketing could use some attention.This stuff isn’t easy and hopefully I have helped you understand what you need to do to start getting a bigger slice of the pie in your local niche marketplace. I am here for you, my team is here for you and we can do the job and do it right. Do the right thing - Call WebSuite Media Today.

We have room for 4 more new contract clients and are taking reservations for up to 5 March campaign launches. If you want all this PROFESSIONALLY DONE FOR YOU...Don’t wait, or you’ll have to wait.

Register Here At The WebSuite Media Discovery Page  - FIrst Come, First Serve!

Or Call:  844.932.7848

If you aren’t quite sure where you stand, then give me a call or fill out the quick contact form at our website. I’ll do a complimentary analysis and quality assessment. If I find some areas of improvement, I’ll advise on how you might remedy them.

But if you’re not totally excited about what we can do or if you feel like I’ve wasted your time and you want to take our info and work on it yourself, that’s great too; no hard feelings.

At this time I think it’s time to make a decision about doing the right thing for your business or your career as a freelance developer.

I’d like to thank you kindly for your time and attention. I truly hope this guide has helped shed some light on the state of local digital marketing, web design and mobile web design for 2018 and beyond.

You now have the awareness of what needs to literally be done to improve your power position in your local marketplace or any niche for that matter.

No matter what you choose to do, I wish you the best of luck and I hope you research these items further, watch some of our videos and subscribe to our channels. I am here to offer as many free tutorials and tips I can.

Heck, just give me a call if you want to chat or ask questions. Or at least comment on our blog.

Also, I would love to have you over at our brand new Easy Leads System Pro Facebook Group. With fewer people right now, you’re sure to get attention and mentorship to your questions or concerns.

And above all, contact us to get to work for you or at least get involved in the awesome training for you, a family member, or your staff to launch your 2018 marketing project the right way...the WINNING WAY!

Cheers & Happy Prosperous New Year!!!

Eric Schultz - Digital Marketing Consultant

Owner at WebSuite Media

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