When you woke up this morning, you probably got yourself a best bozeman seocup of hot coffee and a shower like me...

But what you likely didn't do was review your website and your online search engine positions. Many professionals and entrepreneurs invest in brokers to manage their financial positions. Why wouldn't you do the same to manage your company's online position?

Maybe you sometimes think about it, or might even take a peek in wonder from time to time. But do you really know if you're missing some amazingly simple strategies to do the best you can for your business?

Do you know what keywords your website DOES and DOESN'T rank for?

Are you missing potential clients whom are actively seeking your type of business?

Do you know how easily you could outrank your competition around the local area - and usually do it within a few weeks?

Do you realize that once you're ranked in the right places, those leads will continue to come in for FREE!?!

Our team does SEO research and optimization every day for thousands of keywords affecting hundreds of websites. SEO and website design can be frightening and literally seem impossible without the years of training and cumulative experience a company like our has. But there is a formula - mostly dictated by Google and your potential customers - where you can read the signals and signs to get it right. We do that.

Here's a brief outline of some helpful things to think about when you are considering how much more business you might be getting with a more optimized, efficient, and productive online presence.


If you really want to get off on the right foot, it is best to consider the whole picture of your online digital marketing outcome. For example, it can be tempting to use a free template with WordPress or something similar. But, if you don’t have a clear plan of what it is you want to achieve, you may soon run into a situation where you're heading down the wrong path. Maybe you are working against the flow when it is usually more efficient and produces better results taking small steps down the path of least resistance. Stop wondering and wasting your time and money; plan well and have a clear vision to avoid these common errors.


Think about the difference between a tidy and messy house. If you are looking for something important, it’s going to be harder to find it if you live in an untidy home, right? Well, it’s the same for websites. The search engine computers, whether it is Bing, Yahoo, or Google, will work more efficiently and give you better results if the site's coding is clear, organized and valuable. Whereas if you have broken links, messy code, poorly optimized media, and cluttered site structure; you'll be at the same disadvantage many of your competitors already are today. So, get it right, keep it clean and kick some SEO butt!.


Have You Ever Considered What A Top Search Engine Result Would Do For Your Business & Your Bottom Line?

For a lot of businesses, SEO is just an afterthought – and SEO firms clean up because of it. To save yourself cash further down the line, make sure that SEO is integral to your overall digital marketing approach in the first place. Revenue not only increases with a powerful search strategy, but net income is enhanced due to more efficiency and customer conversion.


Getting traffic through the search engine or social media is one thing; proper conversion tools and tactics is quite another. Your website should be designed in a way that encourages people to make the choices you want them to. Of course your site must look amazing and professional, but underlying it all we need intuitive functionality and flow. From the moment a customer arrives, you want to engage, get to the point, gain trust, offer more information, and encourage them to physically contact your business.


Sell the sizzle, not the steak. Quality website copy is a blend of being efficient, informative, search engine friendly, and just enough, but not too much. Montana SEO Company 2017Today's design trends tend to offer smaller snippets wrapped in dominating imagery, video, and typography. People aren't searching online to spend a lot of time on a website. They want quick, to the point results. If your site is simple, yet meets the solution to the customer's pains or interest; then you'll have a better time getting them to contact you or fill out a quick form. Local search customers are often looking for that quick answer. But if they want more; a few good articles and videos should do the trick.


To learn more and get a no cost professional review of your online marketing presence; visit your Livingston SEO expert today.


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